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Talking about the maintenance of aluminum veneer curtain wall in the process of use


updated on: December 24, 2012 by Renolit


the aluminum veneer system uses high-quality aluminum alloy panels as the base material, and advanced numerical control bending technology to ensure that the plates can be flat without deformation after processing, and the resistance to external forces during the installation of aluminum veneers is superior. Renolit aluminum veneer surface coating adopts American Lanc fluorocarbon spraying equipment and American Aksu fluorocarbon (PVDF) coating to ensure uniform surface color, UV radiation resistance, oxidation resistance, super corrosion resistance. Renolit aluminum veneer production center has strong processing power and strong technical strength. It has many German CNC plate shears, CNC bending machines and American stud welding machines, with excellent equipment and highly skilled technical workers, It is a famous special-shaped plate processing manufacturer in China

let Renolit tell you about the maintenance of aluminum veneer curtain wall in the process of use:

(1) the supplier shall organize regular inspection and return visit of aluminum veneer curtain wall during the warranty period, and timely eliminate quality hidden dangers if found

(2) the adhesive strip and glue injection shall be checked at any time. If the aluminum veneer curtain wall is found to fall off or damaged, it shall be replaced or repaired in time

at present, most of the silicone adhesives used in China are domestic silicone adhesives and imported silicone adhesives, and they can be used only after they have passed the compatibility test conducted by the national designated testing unit

pay attention to wait until it is completely cured (24h) before repairing. When repairing, the damaged part shall be cleaned up, and the length shall be greater than 2/3

(3) clean regularly with a window cleaner

(4) repair the surface of aluminum veneer curtain wall: repair paint for local damage or scratch

the advantages of simple maintenance of aluminum veneer curtain wall products have made its market share in the curtain wall market increase rapidly in recent years. At the same time, new surface treatment technologies and product varieties have also emerged one after another. Nowadays, Renolit aluminum veneer products are adopted by Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, aluminum honeycomb products are adopted by Guangzhou BRT project, and air conditioning protective covers are adopted by Guangzhou Asian Games "dressing and hat" project, which has received high praise





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