Introduction to the price and style of office desk

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For many people, in addition to the bed at home, I believe that the most contact with it is the desk in the office area. Of course, it also provides convenience for our work, so the style and choice of desk are particularly important for us, so we must not underestimate it when choosing. Of course, different styles of desk have different prices. Let's introduce the price and style of desk

introduction to the price and style of the desk: the manager's desk

as can be seen from the figure, the concise style of this desk is full of emotion, containing infinite tension in calm. The exquisite edge banding process makes the desk more tasteful, and the handling of details is also very clever. The healthy and environmental friendly thickened panel is polished with high-grade density board, and the formaldehyde emission reaches the national E1 level, environmental protection standard, The panel is 2.5cm thick, non-toxic, tasteless and safe, and the price is about 1100 yuan

introduction to the price and style of desk: screen partition desk

for this style, I believe you can often see it in the office area. It combines practicality with fashion. The separated layout, high-quality process development, exclusive personal freedom, flexible and convenient office environment make the area more attractive. In addition, the desktop adopts wear-resistant treatment, waterproof and scratch proof, and has a long service life, And the edge of the table has been wrapped and polished, which is fashionable and beautiful to prevent collision. The price is about 400 yuan

what are the purchasing skills of office desks?

first, the desktop needs to be painted.

no matter what kind of desktop material is, it looks beautiful and practical after being painted, which can effectively prevent oil, water, etc., especially for some office desks with high unit price, it has a hard paint baking treatment, and the heat protection effect is also relatively improved. Therefore, when purchasing, it is necessary to see whether the desktop has paint baking

second, it has the function of extending the table piece

because the staff will increase or decrease during use, it is best to have the function of flexible use of the desk, so it is more convenient to use, and the extended table piece fully meets such needs. Therefore, when purchasing, you can choose the product with extended table piece

III. tables and chairs should be matched with each other

tables and chairs can be said to be complementary products, so in terms of color and materials, it is best to achieve coordination between the two. Generally speaking, what is sold on the market is supporting, but if you choose to match with each other, the height of the desktop and chair should form a certain height gap ratio, so as to achieve a harmonious visual effect

summary: Well, the above is about the introduction of the price and style of the desk. I hope to provide you with some help. I believe that in the future selection process of the price and style of the desk, friends will be more handy and buy their own satisfactory products




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