Construction process of wooden doors and windows

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Construction process flow of wooden doors and windows

1 Construction content

wooden doors and windows can be mainly divided into two categories: side hung doors and windows and sliding doors and windows. There are three ways to transform the original doors and windows:

the first is to replace the original doors and windows, remove the original doors and windows, and order or make new doors on site

the second is to decorate and transform the original door and frame, stick high-quality decorative materials on the original door leaf and make decorative modeling, and keep the original frame wrapped with door pocket and door

the third method is to add doors and windows, that is, add new partition doors in the space without doors, and add decorative windows on the inner side under the condition that the original windows do not move, so as to improve the tightness

2. Construction technology

(1) flush wooden doors and windows: the installation procedure for installing flush wooden doors and windows is as follows:

determine the installation position → Pop up the installation position line → Put the door and window frames in place and put them right → Temporary fixing → Calibrate and align the door and window frames with a plumb bob and a level → Fix the door and window frame to → Embedded in the wall → Lean the door and window leaves against the frame → After marking out the height, width and width of the door, plan and repair the hinge groove → The position should be accurate

(2) the installation procedure of suspended sliding wooden doors and windows is as follows:

determine the installation position → Fix the top of the door → Side frame plate fixing → The hanger is sleeved on the I-steel slide → I-steel slide rail fixing → Fix the lower guide rail → Install in the special hole on the top of the riser on the door leaf → Level the door down the guide rail → Fixing of suspension bolts and hangers → Check that the door edge is consistent with the side frame plate → Fixed door → Install the veneer

(3) the installation procedure of through sliding window is as follows:

determine the installation position → Lower frame plate fixing → Side frame plate fixing → Upper frame plate fixing → Trim out the wooden trough with the same thickness as the steel sheet → The steel chute is stuck in the wooden trough → The special wheel box is stuck in the reserved hole at the lower end of the window sash → Install the window sash on the track → Check the gap between the window edge and the side frame plate → Adjust → Put it on your face

3. Key points of construction

in the construction of wooden door and window covers, holes should be punched in the wall surface of the base course first, and the wooden formwork should be placed. The space between the top and bottom of the wooden formwork is less than 300 mm, and the space between each row is less than 150 mm

then saw and cut the large core board according to the design width of door and window face and door width, and fix it on the wall and door opening with round nails, which should be nailed on the wood mold. After checking that the base plate at the bottom is firm and safe, it can be painted with fire-retardant paint

plywood with beautiful patterns and flat surface shall be selected for the decorative panel of door and window cover, and the species of plywood shall meet the design requirements

when cutting the decorative panel, first pop up the cutting line according to the door opening and the face width, cut it with a sharp cutting knife, and plan 45 DEG at the butt joint; The corner and the back are pasted on the base plate after being brushed with emulsion, and the surface is nailed into the headless straight nails with a nail gun for reinforcement

the joints at the door opening and wall interface shall be straight, 45 DEG; Corner to corner. After the veneer is pasted and installed, the wood corner line is used to seal the edge and close the mouth, and 45 DEG is planed at the horizontal and vertical interface of the corner line; Corner joint treatment




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