Comfortable new houses are only for prepared owner

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[] it seems that summer is coming, and a peak decoration season is also coming. But for people who have never experienced decoration, decoration is a system engineering without a clue, and thinking about it is quite complex. If you want to decorate a satisfactory house, where should you start? For ordinary consumers, decoration is the second most important thing after buying a house, and there are not a few capital and human investment, so consumers must be carefully prepared. Generally, you should start to prepare for the decoration about 2 months before the decoration. Decorating a house is like life. A comfortable and warm new house will only cater to the prepared owners. So, what aspects should the owner prepare? First, psychological preparation. People have high expectations for the decoration of new houses. They must be decorated in a comfortable and fashionable way. These ideas are certainly understandable. However, home decoration is a complex comprehensive system project, and your expectations are limited by many objective conditions. For example, it is not feasible to install large bathroom facilities in small toilets. Therefore, the final result of decoration is often not satisfactory. We must be prepared in this regard. Secondly, the funds are prepared, which is often higher than the budget. According to your economic ability, with reference to the size of the new residence, the grade of the planned decoration, the envisaged decoration projects, the household appliances to be added, etc., the funds to be prepared should be better off. Once the decoration construction starts, it needs continuous investment, and insufficient funds will seriously affect the construction progress. If your decoration budget is 50000 yuan, you will often find that your actual cost will rise to 60000-70000 yuan by the end of the decoration, so it is recommended that you prepare a little more than the actual budget at the beginning. At the same time, the transportation, telephone and catering expenses during the decoration will rise a lot. Thirdly, knowledge preparation. Know how to decorate first, and then decorate new houses. Knowledge preparation is a required course before decoration. Consult with several decoration companies, ask relatives and friends who have been decorated, attend home decoration consultation meetings, etc. The purpose is to prepare for home decoration knowledge. In short, you must ask more, listen more, remember more and compare more, which will definitely benefit you a lot. Finally, of course, material preparation. Don't go to the building materials supermarket empty handed. Bring some tools, such as tape measure and calculator, which can be measured at any time, calculate the dosage, and be sure to know it well. Pen, book, tape measure: it is particularly important to effectively control the budget when visiting the building materials market. Whether it is to record the decoration knowledge, product price or manufacturer's contact information, home design, decoration costs, etc., they can be recorded for reference. Measure the house, furniture, cabinet and floor. In short, you can't do without a tape measure at any time in the process of decoration. After negotiating the price with the merchants, we must use our own calculator to check again. If the total price is calculated incorrectly, the unit price we worked hard to cut will be meaningless. For many owners, the decoration of new houses is a major event. We'd better be satisfied with it at one time, so as to save time and not waste money. Therefore, it is very important to make preparations in advance. This article is an original manuscript, and the copyright belongs to this website. Other media reprints must indicate the source of www.jiazhuang6 com




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