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The export host market of bearing shaft is expanded so that the problems encountered in the later period can be solved in time! Actively develop strategic customers

expand the export host market of bearing shafts

actively develop strategic customers

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under the severe economic situation at home and abroad, bearing shafts seized the opportunity of developing high-end product export in 2014, actively developed strategic customers with the PC control system operating on windows, and improved the level of cooperation with internationally renowned enterprises, The optimization and improvement of export market structure, customer structure and product structure were realized, and the export increased by 17%, including the completion of orders in the host market increased by 7.6%, and the sales revenue of host customers increased by 5.6%

in terms of market structure adjustment, the proportion of the host market continued to expand in 2014. Among them, the sales of wind power and industrial equipment host customers increased significantly. Driven by a group in Italy and a company in Germany, the sales revenue of industrial equipment bearings increased by 19.4% over the same period last year

in terms of customer structure adjustment, it has established deep-seated cooperative relations with wind power, transmission, automobile and other main engine customers, and the market share of main engine customers continues to grow. The cooperation with a world-famous enterprise is advancing from traditional wind power bearings to special motors, industrial drives, wind power booster engines and other fields at the same time, and the cooperation situation is good. Expand cooperation with an Italian group and a Norwegian group, improve the product share of disruptive technology customers, and optimize the customer structure in wind power, transmission system, offshore engineering and other industries

in terms of product structure adjustment, it has carried out group cooperation with world-class major customers and gradually formed a series and batch of product applications. Wind power bearings have achieved a 35% supply share of a well-known American company, transmission series bearings have achieved a 100% supply share of two specifications of products from a well-known German company, reducer bearings have achieved a 30% increase in sales revenue of an Italian group, offshore engineering supporting bearings have signed a cooperation agreement with a Norwegian group, automotive bearings have maintained a high degree of cooperation with host customers, and have achieved 100% product coverage for multiple customers

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