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During the National Day holiday, due to the continued growth of wind power bearing orders, the employees of the wind power bearing production line of Wazhou group worked overtime to meet the market demand

Yu Yonggang, the group leader of the grinding machine group for the large line wagons, said that during the National Day holiday, the unit processed and exported more than 40 sets of Siemens wind power pitch bearings and more than 10 sets of wind power yaw bearings for domestic enterprises. "With a good market and a large number of orders, people earn more and have more energy to work. As a key process of wind turbine bearing production with the recovery of the economy, liuxiangmin, a member of the Party group of Aluminum Corporation of China and senior vice president of Aluminum Corporation of China, attended the commissioning ceremony. For many years, our large-line turning mill units have given up the national day and Spring Festival holidays and stuck to their jobs." Yu Yonggang said

since the beginning of this year, the global wind power industry has ushered in the peak of installed capacity. Wazhou group has seized the "first hand" of structural adjustment in the "recovery tide" of continuous favorable policies, seized the commanding height of wind power bearings, and worked on products that others could not do, leading the market with high-end products. Wind power bearings have been reaping "dividends" and orders have always maintained a growth trend. At present, the wind turbine bearings of Wazhou group are produced at full capacity, and the supply exceeds the demand. They are mainly supplied by customers whose installed capacity ranks among the top ten in the world and the top ten in China

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