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Σ Co time - Huawei cloud welink+ Tuowei Regional Learning Center helps the new development of education informatization

time, witnessing our struggle; Ecology brings together wisdom and strength

in this special spring, Huawei China launched a series of co time (Huawei China government enterprise business online salon 2020) columns to talk about technological change and industry transformation in the form of online live broadcast + interaction. The epidemic has delayed our gathering, but it can not stop us from expecting a better time. Let's meet co to accelerate the digital transformation and promote the development of the digital economy

on March 10, Huawei and its partner Tuowei held an online seminar on Huawei cloud welink+ Tuowei Regional Learning Center Solution to help the new development of education informatization. Peiyongyong, director of Meihekou education technology center in Lin Province, general manager of huaweiyun education and scientific research industry, tanqiugui, director of Tuowei information education business operation Zhang Wei, senior expert of Tuowei information solutions, xiaxiuyan, architect of Huawei cloud solutions, Xujun, director of Guangdong Education cloud service engineering technology research center, and other experts in the education industry jointly discussed how to ensure the smooth progress of teaching work in the context of suspension of classes without suspension, It also explains in detail the solution of Huawei cloud welink+ Tuowei Regional Learning Center. Firstly, some heavy industry enterprises often use the solution of hydraulic universal testing machine with super load to drive the development of quality education by using cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence technology

how to do a good job in the teaching guarantee of suspension of classes without suspension of schooling

in order to cope with the current situation of suspension of classes without suspension of schooling, Meihekou City, Jilin Province has done a lot of work in the construction of educational informatization and achieved great results, which has been highly praised by the majority of teachers and students

peiyongyong introduced that according to the notice on the work arrangement of suspension of classes without suspension during the extended opening period of primary and secondary schools issued by the general office of the Ministry of education on February 12 and the spirit of Ji Jiao Lian [2020] No. 3 document issued by the Department of education of Jilin Province. Under the leadership of the Municipal Bureau of education, we have done the following work: first, a leading group was established. The director of the Municipal Bureau of education personally took the lead as the leader of the leading group to directly guide the teaching work during the epidemic; The second is to publicize and issue policy documents, such as policy guidance documents, organization guarantee, software guidance, course management, operation guidance, etc. during the epidemic period; Third, select high-quality products, choose to use application software that meets the needs of classroom development in our city, and implement online teaching from the aspects of teacher group construction, product learning materials preparation, online training courses and so on; Fourth, we organized teachers. Relying on the public service platform of Meihekou educational resources, we first opened Meihekou famous teachers' on-demand classes, and then organized high-quality teachers from all schools to arrange courses and produce live broadcast content at the first time; The fifth is to build a guarantee system to build a perfect guarantee system for classroom development from the perspective of policy norms, organizational structure and publicity

Pei Yongyong said that in carrying out the above work, we should give full play to the role of Internet + education, make use of public service platforms of educational resources and various open and public welfare webcast platforms, and realize teaching through Internet, television, home computers and intelligent terminals. Up to now, 44 junior high schools, primary schools and nine-year consistent schools in the city have fully opened online teaching activities. More than 40000 students with more than 5000 teachers have participated in teaching, resource on demand, online counseling, discussion, Q & A and other teaching activities, so as to achieve no suspension of classes and no love between spaces

during the epidemic period, the demand for online education showed an unprecedented explosive growth. How do education information enterprises ensure that teaching programs can be implemented quickly and that education quality is not discounted

tanqiugui said that the first is the technology, which ensures the rapid deployment and implementation of the scheme from the aspects of platform deployment, cloud services, cloud computing capacity, scalability and security; The second is the product ability, which needs to conform to the teaching scene, launch the product scheme that is easy to use and easy to use, reduce the burden for teachers, and strengthen the interaction and communication between students; The third is the operation capability, which requires a set of service support capabilities to support the rapid landing of the entire platform system. It is necessary to establish a content + service integration solution

during the epidemic, Tuowei and Huawei jointly launched the Huawei cloud welink+ Tuowei regional learning center solution, providing technical support and services for education informatization

He Yuan said that Huawei cloud has launched the learning at any time Education Alliance. Based on core technologies such as welink and video cloud, it has joined hands with more than 100 education partners to provide rich online teaching and remote collaboration solutions in higher education, general education and offline training institutions. In particular, Huawei cloud, together with Tuowei, released the welink+ learning center joint solution for the Education Bureau and primary and secondary school customers, which is a full scenario solution covering remote collaborative office, emergency command, healthy clock in and learning

according to Heyuan, Huawei cloud has also joined hands with the three major operators to provide cloud resource services for the national primary and secondary school cloud classes of the central audio visual education center, helping 200million primary and secondary school students nationwide to teach online. It also provides strong audio and video, massive bandwidth and other technical support for the live broadcast, on-demand and resource download of millions of primary and secondary schools in Wuhan, and realizes a high-quality live broadcast experience with low delay and no jamming

what are the advantages of Huawei cloud welink+ Tuowei regional

learning center solution

the application of information technology in the field of education has had a profound impact on the educational concept and mode. Teaching us that the deep integration of education informatization and education and teaching is conducive to promoting the innovation and development of education and teaching, and is of great significance to changing educational concepts, deepening educational reform, improving educational quality and efficiency Cultivating innovative talents is of far-reaching significance. In the deep integration of education informatization and education and teaching, we need to focus on the future of informatization development. We need not only one-way integration, but also multi scene and cross department application integration. This joint solution of Huawei cloud welink+ Tuowei Regional Learning Center is our initial beneficial attempt to integrate the two scenarios of office and education. Peiyongyong said

tanqiugui pointed out that the solution of Huawei cloud welink+ Tuowei regional learning center integrates two scenarios: education and office. For schools, one is management and the other is teaching. The management scenario is from OA office to school interconnection. In fact, it is a simple education and teaching scenario, realizing the integration from teaching and learning to management. It has effectively promoted the teacher-student interaction and student student interaction among teachers, students and parents, as well as the interaction between teachers and parents, thus promoting home school co education

at the same time, tanqiugui also said that education is not a simple tool implementation. It needs to be implemented in accordance with the whole process of teaching scenarios (before, during and after class), so as to truly turn educational informatization 2.0 into reality. In particular, it is not easy to achieve teaching innovation. The core is to grasp the key point of turning educational informatization 2.0 teaching innovation into reality

in addition, he yuan also explained that welink comes from Huawei's own digital transformation practice and connects people, organizations, knowledge and equipment. As a mobile enabling platform, welink will cover all links of collaborative office and teaching, breaking the existing business island and data island. In the teaching and research room, teachers can do remote teaching and research and coordinate lesson preparation with regional famous teachers. In the classroom, they can click the screen to seamlessly open up all links of office and teaching, which will greatly improve teachers' work efficiency. On welink, students can preview before class, live learn, review after class and submit homework at any time. After intelligent correction, personalized homework and exercise books can be generated. Teachers can master learning data in real time and truly teach students according to their aptitude

how to make schools, teachers and students

adapt to the online teaching environment as soon as possible

tanqiugui believes that to adapt to this habit as soon as possible, first, the online education platform must conform to the education and teaching scene to ensure that the online education and teaching of school teachers and students can be carried out normally; Secondly, the online education platform needs to have rich and high-quality education and teaching content resources to meet the educational and teaching needs of teachers and students; In addition, education authorities need to have a set of clear mechanisms to guide teachers and students to apply them to the daily teaching process; Finally, for students, how to keep their interest in online education for a long time requires education information enterprises to cooperate with education departments or school authorities to make guiding actions, so that students can gradually adapt to, like and get used to such a class mode. When setting up the classroom, teachers also need to combine different age stages to increase the interest of the classroom and mobilize students' interest in learning

He Yuan also said that Huawei relies on its profound technology accumulation. In terms of product experience, welink pursues to leave simplicity to customers and complexity to itself. Huawei's hardware advantages give welink a flowing product experience, such as multi terminal collaboration, which can switch between multiple devices such as, PC, pad, electronic whiteboard, and even realize terminal switching in the same process. In short, Huawei hopes that welink will be simple enough to help teachers and students solve practical problems. User experience has no end point and needs to be polished all the time. Huawei will continue to make efforts in terms of experience and value

in terms of teaching innovation and development, tanqiugui also pointed out that we should focus on the common bottleneck problems that students' learning and teachers' teaching account for 55% of the domestic market, such as students' lack of learning motivation and sustainability, lack of opportunities to experience, comprehend and explore, difficulties in deep understanding of difficult knowledge, lack of personalization in classroom teaching, difficulties in monitoring and regulating teaching and learning, and difficulties in covering all students by high-quality teachers, Therefore, it is necessary to make full use of artificial intelligence, big data, Internet +, virtual simulation and other technologies to establish an Internet + education platform (Intelligent System), so that teachers can arrange and regulate classroom teaching, after-school homework and learning activities according to the situation of their students, and provide effective support resources and tools

after the outbreak, in combination with the requirements of the action guidance of education informatization 2.0, the education department will further strengthen the construction of an Internet + education platform on the basis of the original construction of three links and two platforms. Through the deep integration of information technology and education and teaching, it will truly and effectively improve the information literacy of teachers and students, change the education and teaching mode, improve the teaching quality, and increase the construction demand and investment in the cloud platform and related supporting services

from the development trend of the education industry, high-quality content + service + technology will become the core competitiveness in the era of education informatization 2.0, which requires participants not only to have the supporting ability of software development and hardware application, but also to have the investment and operation of high-quality education content resources, as well as the comprehensive ability of application development and admission service to meet customer needs

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