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Wazhou group overcame difficulties new elevator traction machine bearing production Wazhou group overcame difficulties new elevator traction machine bearing production China Construction Machinery Information in May, Wazhou group successfully produced four kinds of self-aligning roller bearings for elevator traction machines, which met customer requirements through grease leakage test and temperature rise test

the supporting bearings of high-precision elevators in China are mostly imported from abroad. At the beginning of the year, the company formulated the project of developing high-precision elevator bearings. There are two types of limit protection functions with working position and overload and overcurrent protection functions. One bearing working condition is characterized by high precision and high reliability. The part to be used after 9 tests is the traction machine

after completing the drawing design, the engineering and technical personnel in charge of the bearing manufacturing company will discuss the processing technology and determine the processing method. After nearly three months of tackling key problems, this batch of bearings were successfully produced, which laid a foundation for the company to develop the market to replace imported bearings

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