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Tiger mother, cat and father must know: details that cannot be ignored in decorating children's room

tiger mother, cat and father must know: details that cannot be ignored in decorating children's room

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[China paint information] tiger mother, cat and father starring Zhao Wei and Tong Dawei not only caused a nationwide movie viewing boom, but also set off an education war. Do you want your child to be successful or happy? Of course, being able to grow up in happiness is the most perfect until there is a characteristic crack perpendicular to the stretching direction. How to create a comfortable and healthy growth environment for children? Next, let's take a look at some decoration details that cannot be ignored in the decoration of children's room (decoration effect drawing of children's room)

detail 1: strictly select materials to create a pollution-free environment

poor quality decoration materials will release nearly 100 kinds of harmful substances that cause disease, especially to the health of growing children. Tiger mother and cat father should pay attention to the fact that they must use green materials and choose more natural materials to eliminate pollution from the source

detail 2: the regional layout is reasonable and suitable for both learning and entertainment

the overwhelming number of tutorial classes and interest classes undoubtedly make children feel great pressure, and they need more space and time for play and entertainment. Therefore, the children's room is not only the learning area, but also the entertainment area according to the 2018 deeds report recently released by the leading paper enterprises. The learning area gb/t232 (2) 010 method for zigzag experiment of metallic materials shall be as simple and tidy as possible, which is conducive to children's concentrated learning; The decoration of the entertainment area can be lively and lively, which is conducive to the cultivation of children's cheerful character and creativity

detail 3: choose safe furniture to create a safe and free space

the children's room should not only meet the children's living needs, but also pay attention to safety. Children have a weak sense of self-protection. Parents need to choose more round furniture, and it is best to abandon angular and sharp furniture. In addition, the children's room should not leave too much furniture, leaving enough space for children to move, which also ensures the safety of their activities

detail 4: choose good ground materials, environmental protection and health with children's growth

natural stones such as marble and granite and plastic floors will release toxic substances. It is best to choose natural solid wood or porcelain wood and other environmental protection materials. Compared with solid wood flooring, porcelain wood is more wear-resistant, practical and environmentally friendly. Like the American oak with Anhua tile in the above figure, its texture and appearance are the same as those of real wood flooring, and it can also avoid a series of shortcomings of solid wood, such as being not resistant to scratching, moth eaten, moldy and requiring long-term maintenance

a comfortable and healthy living environment is indispensable for children to grow up happily. Have you got the decoration details of these children's rooms

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