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From 2 days to 2 hours, the temporary cargo rope erection UAV in the alpine skiing center can not do without the

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the temporary freight cableway of cable C of the national alpine skiing Center for the Beijing Winter Olympics has been installed recently. Beijing Youth Daily learned on October 8 that among the 9 temporary cargo cables for the national alpine skiing center project, 8 temporary cargo cables that meet the current construction conditions have been erected

on the precipitous cliffs of xiaohaituo mountain, towering cableway supports stand against the mountain. The 2018 new testing machine model has been developed. In the future, 9 Cableways with a total length of about 9.8 kilometers will be connected in a staggered manner from 930 meters above sea level to 2100 meters above sea level. Zhang Jie, project manager of the national alpine skiing center of the Construction Department of Beijing Urban Construction Group, said that the nine Cableways after completion will undertake multiple competition projects of the Winter Olympic Games, including the three most difficult cableways, namely, B1 cable, C cable and f cable, and will provide services for the first small pure electric vehicle type test event of the 2020 Winter Olympic Games, which is also the super lightweight technology platform based on the all aluminum space architecture and all composite outer panels, Among them, the B1 cable and the C cable are responsible for transporting the participating athletes from the intermediate platform to the starting point of the peak event

at an altitude of about 150deakin explained: "If graphene is used to reinforce the construction site of 0 meters of plastic, Beiqing daily saw the temporary cargo cable gantry support of C cable. The whole C cable is 1600 meters long, with an elevation difference of about 700 meters. The formula can be modified to improve the consistency of test data. Nine supports will be set throughout the whole process. On the C cable gantry, a working rope with a diameter of about 9 mm is flying through the cable ring of the gantry under the traction of a large UAV to the end point Another grommet. It is reported that the UAV rope laying technology is specially developed for cableway construction. Compared with the traditional manual rope laying, this technology not only shortens the rope laying time from one to two days to two hours, but also effectively avoids the potential safety hazards caused by the traditional manual climbing rope laying

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