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China's door and window manufacturers can become larger, manufacturers can develop in the direction of planning, and manufacturers can achieve planned production. Insiders believe that what really restricts the door and window manufacturers in China is not the price increase of raw materials, nor the addition of labor costs, nor the low entry threshold and fierce peer competition, but there are appropriate big questions about the handling of our door and window manufacturers

current situation: most of China's door enterprises are "workshop style"

now, the vast majority of China's door and window manufacturers come from craft workshops, and even "masters lead apprentices". Guanhao door and window editor learned that the chairman and general manager of many door and window manufacturers may have been just a carpenter walking through the streets 20 years ago, while the chairman and general manager of some aluminum door manufacturers may have been just a self-employed aluminum alloy door and window engineering and processing business 10 years ago. These elders working in doors and windows in China grew up with opportunities and sweat

"rule by man" manufacturers are the boss, while "rule by law" manufacturers are the rules of the final say. Xiaobian thought that "factory handling" of "rule by man" was originally "workshop handling". There are so many doors and windows production "workshops" in China, and what is short is "factory handling"

analysis: China's door and window manufacturers are in urgent need of "handling"

relevant data indicate that China's door and window shopping malls are increasing at a rate of more than 20% per year. Regardless of whether this data is accurate or not, in recent years, the growth of door and window shopping malls in China is appropriately fast. The "handling" level of door and window "manufacturers" is also improving, but there is still an appropriate distance from the real "handling". The vast majority of "rule by man" is greater than "rule by law"

working in doors and windows confuses manufacturers, and is also the most complained question of dealers, that is, such as delivery date, product quality, after-sales service. Originally, as long as the manufacturer's internal handling is done well, these questions can be handled. The reason why these questions are not handled is that our handling questions are not handled

strategy: how do Chinese door enterprises "handle"

originally, the door and window manufacturers in China did not follow up, mainly because the boss did not follow up. This can not simply blame the boss. In Chinese manufacturers, the relationship between the boss and the work manager is appropriate and wonderful. The boss uses the talent of the work manager to make money for himself, while the work manager uses the channel provided by the boss to make money for himself. Both are "self". Therefore, in the end, window owners and work managers will end their "cooperation" by "breaking up"

if the boss of door and window work in China wants to deal with the manufacturer well, he must first deal with his own contact with the work manager. It's simple to say, but it's difficult to do, which depends on the mind of the boss. In addition, the loyalty of work managers to manufacturers is also appropriate





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