Yashilan seamless wall cloth is cool and bright, a

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The lotus flowers of yashilan seamless wall cloth are not spreading, showing a noble, elegant, graceful appearance, and expressing feelings in silence

the rhombic leaves linger in the waves, the lotus wind blows, and the boats pass through the depths of the lotus

every Lang wanted to talk, bowed his head and laughed, and Jasper scratched his head and fell into the water

twist a finger of lotus fragrance, stay calm and secure, roll the world of mortals, and never forget your original heart

the night rain makes up emerald leaves, the body is graceful, the morning breeze is fragrant, and the faint green pool is dotted with crimson lips

Ruhan has not been frosted, waiting for the third autumn. Only when we depend on each other can we know how difficult it is to lean against each other, and every year we recall that year

cool and bright light colored stone green stained leaves

cinnabar hook flowers

swaying in the wind, elegant and fragrant, full of ancient meaning/is for lotus

a flower, a world, a leaf, a Tathagata, meditate without trouble, and the heart is like a lotus in bloom

a lotus, which is still full of flowers, has been called "Cuigai beauty" by scholars of all dynasties. It has gorgeous colors and graceful natural beauty, "out of sludge without dyeing"

moving forward silently

silent ferry all the way

our ups and downs in life

we climb up separately

meet at a high place

in the name of love

we start from the heart and sing with aspiration

yashilan - the leading brand in the wall fabric industry

Xiaohe just showed his sharp corners, and dragonflies have long stood on top

It' S show time

the lotus flowers of elegant poetry are unripe, showing a noble, elegant, graceful appearance, and expressing feelings in silence

the lotus leaping on the wall is gentle and amiable, and the display is beautiful. In the blending of water and ink, it depicts a South China lotus pond surrounded by fog and smoke

the sun is scorching in the daytime, walking by the pool and watching the lotus

stroll in the cool wind, the lotus swaying, and the koi playing, which is extremely beautiful

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yashilan seamless wall fabric has always focused on the perfect combination of the artistic needs of modern home life and China's Millennium fabric weaving technology. With art as the guide and process innovation as the support, it aims to create a bubble legend, inherit the classic of jacquard, and create the brilliance of embroidery, and elevate the seamless wall fabric to the height of art, Provide diversified artistic wall fabric products for people who pursue quality life





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