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Fujian Refining ethylene is a huge loss debottleneck project with an annual ethylene output of 1.1 million tons recently, the Fujian Refining ethylene debottleneck project was officially launched. The project is mainly to debottleneck and expand the capacity of ethylene units and their downstream units or build new ethylene derivative units, and upgrade the oil quality and crude oil adaptability of the refining units. The project investment is about 5billion yuan. It is expected that 1. The basic design of the loading shaft should be completed flexibly in May, 2012, and the expansion and transformation should be carried out by using the shutdown and overhaul in 2013. In order to achieve this, the loading shaft should be completed and put into operation before February, 2013

at present, the feasibility study of the ethylene debottleneck project is being carried out, and Fujian United Petrochemical Company has started the work arrangement and deployment. In order to ensure the orderly progress of the project, the project has continuously put forward higher, newer and more requirements to the waterproof experimental machine. After the project is fully launched, the members of each project team will also make adjustments according to the progress of the debottleneck project and the actual needs

through the transformation, the ethylene production scale of Fujian oil refining will be expanded from 800000 T/A to 1.1 million T/A, and the oil refining processing capacity will be expanded from 12million T/A to 14million T/A

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