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Full automatic rotary PET bottle blowing machine comes out in Guangzhou

Guangzhou recently launched a new type of full-automatic rotary high-speed PET bottle blowing machine, with a speed of 8600 per hour. Compared with the existing domestic semi-automatic and intermittent bottle blowing machines with narrow speed regulation range, where high speed means no low speed, or where low speed means no high speed, the fully automatic rotary high-speed bottle blowing technology is a new bottle blowing technology. The utility model can rotate and continuously feed and discharge the preforms to achieve the purpose of high-speed bottle blowing. The bottle blowing technology has the advantages of high automation, stable action, safety and reliability, products are not polluted by intermediate links, and high production efficiency. It can be widely used in blowing containers for food, beverage, cosmetics and medicine

the machine has also made money by kicking the ball. The machine has achieved automation of blank feeding, automatic temperature regulation and rotation of CSL cable. It has reached cooperation agreements with Jiangnan graphene Research Institute, Xi'an Jiaotong University and Changzhou No. 6 element materials technology Co., Ltd. in the form of automatic bottle blowing, blank taking, blank loading, bottle taking, bottle discharge automation, unqualified product detection automation and automatic troubleshooting. The whole operation process is a full-automatic process from blank feeding to bottle discharge, to detection and monitoring, The technical level has reached the domestic advanced level, and the machine has applied for 7 national patents. At present, the equipment of enterprises that use the same kind of high-speed bottle blowing machine in China are all imported equipment. After the newly developed equipment is put into the market, its price is only 1/10 to 1/8 of that of similar imported equipment, and it has a good cost performance ratio. After the equipment is put into the market, it can greatly reduce the production cost of food, beverage, cosmetics, medicine and other industries

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