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Yong'an, Fujian: building a production base for industrial textiles in China on May 27, at the 100000 ton polyurethane resin production line in the new material Park of negerdadi, Yong'an City, workers were debugging production equipment. The park is expected to be officially put into operation in June, which is the first of the five industrial textiles parks in Yong'an

the development and construction of the five industrial textiles professional parks is a major effort of Yong'an City to build "China's industrial textiles production base"

at present, the city has signed a contract with haidongqing Investment Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong) and is promoting the "1212" project, that is, the Nigel haidongqing nonwovens professional park with a total investment of about 1billion yuan, 120000 tons of polyester staple fiber and 12 needle punched nonwovens production lines; The Dahu Huayong new material nonwoven professional park, with a total investment of more than 600million yuan and a production line of 200000 tons of waste plastics, 120000 tons of polyester staple fiber and 60000 tons of polyester non-woven fabric, has been listed as a provincial key construction project in 2011; Total investment 18 Caoyuan Daxing Hanhua automobile Textile Industrial Park, which has a direct correlation between machine speed and driver speed of 600million yuan, covers an area of 1000 mu. It has introduced Jinjiang Yongming fabric coating Co., Ltd. and two projects, Dahua resin and Minghua industry and trade PU leather, have been settled in the near future. It is planned to build another project with an annual output of 50million meters of non-woven fabrics; Gongchuan Shuidong plastic coating professional park, which is settled by 10 enterprises with a total investment of more than 1billion yuan, will build 100 plastic coating production lines. At present, 300 mu has been developed, and 10 production lines have been settled in rike and FengHao respectively; With a total investment of 1.3 billion yuan, Dadi new materials professional park will build projects with an annual output of 100000 tons of resin, 50million meters of plastic coating, 20000 tons of special polyurethane materials and Sino Korean joint venture Hai Lan (Fujian) polymer technology new textile coating

in recent years, with the goal of building a production base of industrial textiles, Yong'an has vigorously developed strategic emerging textile industries. While developing new types of industrial fibers, non-woven fabrics and automotive textiles, on the basis of the existing large-scale production of leather based fabrics, it has further integrated regional advantages and resources, developed warp knitting industry and filament weaving, improved and expanded the space and scope of industrial textiles, and greatly extended the industrial chain. The city actively encourages cotton spinning enterprises to transform and upgrade the traditional textile industry with high and new technologies and applicable advanced technologies, especially the introduction of advanced equipment and equipment at home and abroad for combination, as well as the introduction of Germany eurekon high-speed rotor spinning, Switzerland Lida high-speed rotor spinning and a complete set of production lines, so that the spinning capacity of Yong'an will reach more than 700000 spindles, realizing the goal of doubling. At the same time, the city also dares to "go out" and learn from others with the development of scientific skills. The city is closely connected with the China Industrial Textiles Industry Association. At present, the association has become the "designer" of Yong'an textile industry, comprehensively guiding the first utilization of Yong'an industrial textiles in the automotive industry, and has also launched the construction of textile production base. The relevant departments of the city have successively organized persons in charge of textile enterprises to go to the coastal areas of Quanzhou, Jinjiang and Shishi, which cover an area of 5 square kilometers, to study and investigate Fuguiniao group, Xinhua shares and other large enterprises, and digest and absorb them. With the help of the platform of China Strait project results fair, the technology demand projects of Yong'an textile enterprises are widely solicited. The "2010 Sanming (Yong'an) textile industry development forum and project matchmaking meeting" was held. Experts and professors from Donghua University, Tianjin University of technology, Shanghai Textile Research Institute and other universities were invited to give advice on the development of the textile industry in Yong'an and even Sanming. 105 achievements compilation and investment projects were compiled and printed. Five scientific research and technology transfer agreements were signed with universities to strengthen the industry university research alliance and improve the technical level of the textile industry, Promote the transformation of "6 · 18" project achievements

Yong'an is a key textile industry concentration area in Fujian Province, and the total textile industry occupies the first place in the inland mountainous areas of Fujian Province. Last year, Yong'an City won the title of "China's emerging textile industry base city", became one of the 28 "textile industry base cities (counties)" in China, and was listed in the key development areas and industrial cluster pilot areas of the national textile industry "12th Five Year Plan". By the end of last year, there were 106 textile enterprises of various types in Yong'an City, including 45 Textile Enterprises above designated size. Last year, the output value was 6.99 billion yuan, accounting for 23.6% of Enterprises above Designated Size in the city, and 43.9% of Enterprises above Designated Size in the textile industry in Sanming City

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