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Fujitsu lacquerware artists came out with air conditioners

Fujitsu lacquerware artists came out with air conditioners

March 7, 2012

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[China paint information] as early as the rope era in Japan, Japanese lacquerware technology has gradually taken shape. In the early days, lacquerware was mainly painted. In the rope era, painting was mainly a practical function to protect wooden objects from decay and deformation, Only in the later period did it gradually have the dual functions of practicality and beautification

in Japan, lacquerware was widely used as household, weapons and tableware. Since the end of the Edo era, due to the continuous expansion of the scope of use of ceramic ware, the use of metal ware detected by the space cotton tension machine after the Meiji era and the emergence of chemical coatings, the scope of use of lacquer ware, which was originally widely used as tableware, has gradually narrowed, so that it exists only as traditional handicrafts and arts and crafts. At present, Japan still has lacquer products such as "lundao paint", "Huijin paint", "Chunqing paint" and "Xiuheng paint"

today, we bring you the "Xiuheng Tu" lacquerware process and its representative work: air conditioners for Fujitsu lacquerware artists. Fujitsu lacquerware artists displayed in this dynamic Japan Exhibition used air conditioners to integrate the traditional process of "Xiuheng coating" into household air conditioning products for the first time, sublimating traditional household appliances into the category of art, which is a qualitative leap

lacquerware process is a pure manual process, which is extremely difficult and time-consuming. Only the process includes plate making, copying, materials, inlaying, painting, polishing and many other processes. The lacquer selected in the process is all grown from 25 year old lacquer trees. Each lacquer tree can only produce one cup of "raw lacquer", and the raw materials are extremely rare. It is such a rare "raw lacquer" combined with the "pill three lacquerware" of the traditional process of "Xiuheng coating", and then the professional craftsman repeatedly carefully coated and ground the panel of the air conditioner, and attached gold foil and hand-painted patterns to create this wonderful Fujitsu lacquerware art home air conditioner

Fujitsu lacquerware artists use air conditioners with exquisite craftsmanship and exquisite hand painting. Secretary General Meng focused on introducing the replacement and transformation progress of the eliminated project enterprises, and the perfect integration of tradition and modern technology. This is a huge roar caused by the legendary history of lacquerware craft for thousands of years. 6. The power must be turned off during commuting. The legendary history is constantly knocked by new ideas. It is not only a huge sensation in the lacquerware industry, but also in the air conditioning industry. Fujitsu lacquerware artists pioneered the air conditioning industry with air conditioners and showed consumers a new concept of air conditioning appearance design

Fujitsu general air conditioner for the first time integrates the lacquer process into the product, just like the finishing touch of a dragon, raising this product to a new height. As a company with central air conditioning as its main body, Fujitsu general air conditioning has opened up a new road in the field of household air conditioning. At the same time, we also expect Fujitsu general air conditioner to bring us more innovative household air conditioner products, so that we can experience more products full of natural beauty such as 3-point bending resistance or 4-point bending resistance lacquer technology, which brighten our life

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