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Technical contribution of full face rock tunnel boring machine "Tibet Three Gorges"

technical contribution of full face rock tunnel boring machine "Tibet Three Gorges"

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Guide: it is learned from Shijiazhuang Railway University that TBM (full face rock tunnel boring machine) with dulijie, a professor of the University, as the overall technical guidance, has recently begun to fully start tunneling in the construction of panduo water conservancy project known as the Three Gorges in Tibet. This marks the highest and longest altitude in China's plateau areas

it is learned from Shijiazhuang Railway University that TBM (full face rock tunnel boring machine), which is under the overall technical guidance of dulijie, a professor of Shijiazhuang Railway University, has recently started to dig in an all-round way in the construction of the panduo water control project known as the "Three Gorges in Tibet". This marks the official opening of the construction of the longest and highest water conveyance tunnel project in the plateau region of China

the panduo water control project in Tibet is one of the major western development projects supported by the state, and is by far the largest comprehensive water conservancy and hydropower development project in Tibet. The water conveyance tunnel project of the project is located between Songpan Township and panduo Township, Linzhou County, Lhasa City, with a total length of 16.8km, a diameter of 4m, and an altitude of more than 4100m. It is a landmark project of panduo water control project in Tibet. TBM construction is adopted for the first time in the project, which is the TBM construction project with stable display, high precision and convenient use of the world's highest universal testing machine. After the completion of the project, the cutting, measurement and experiment of the sample will be completed. The Lhasa River Basin has no history of backbone control projects, which plays an important role in improving the downstream agricultural irrigation conditions. Many equipment using computer skills have not selected PCs, alleviating the contradiction between supply and demand of electricity in Tibet and China, and promoting local economic and social development

as a comprehensive technical guidance expert of TBM, dulijie has carried out the whole process and all-round scientific and technological research and technical support from the aspects of TBM bidding, contract negotiation, design and manufacturing, assembly and commissioning, construction technology, etc. in view of the particularity of the application of cold and high altitude TBM

experts in the industry say that TBM is the most advanced tunnel construction machine in the world at present. It has the advantages of fast, safe, economic, conducive to environmental protection and labor protection. This is the first full face rock tunnel boring machine construction in the world in the cold and high altitude areas. Its plateau construction experience will be an important demonstration and reference for the construction of water conservancy, railway, highway and other projects in Tibet

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