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At present, the full-automatic packaging machinery market is developing strongly

[China Packaging News] science and technology is the primary productive force. With the development of science and technology, enterprises have higher and higher requirements for mechanical equipment. After considerable development, China's packaging industry has become the second largest packaging country in the world, which requires highly intelligent and automated packaging machinery

with the continuous acceleration of the technological innovation of the world's full-automatic packaging machinery, the diversified, universal and multi-functional integrated full-automatic packaging machinery system has become a development trend. Over the past decade, the international packaging industry has attached great importance to improving the universal and multi-functional integration capabilities of the full-automatic packaging machinery and the entire packaging system, providing timely and flexible production means for diversified commodities with rapid market development. Automatic packaging machinery is a kind of machinery that produces brand value for commodities. As packaging conveys the core concept of the enterprise and expresses the demands of the market, consumers pay special attention to the quality of automatic packaging machinery. Especially in the field of food safety in recent years, the safety of automatic packaging machinery has been paid attention to. The full-automatic food packaging machinery needs to meet the requirements of reducing production and circulation costs, meeting delivery dates, and responding to market fashion needs. Therefore, efforts should be made on the integrated full-automatic packaging machinery system, and the establishment of the system should be the focus of development

the integrated technology is much more complex than the engineering automation level. Therefore, the system integration system should pay more attention to the development of IOT on the basis of automation, so that enterprises can unify the standards of different products of different manufacturers, so as to finally achieve efficient management and accumulate development potential for the development of the full-automatic packaging machinery industry. Truly high-level packaging equipment can generally meet the needs of users, product consumers and social development. Only in this way can its level and value be reflected. Therefore, modern full-automatic packaging machinery must improve the level of R & D capacity, manufacturing capacity and marketing capacity because the elastomer has high dissipation performance and overall benefits. For example, in terms of R & D capacity, enterprises should connect full-automatic packaging machinery with production machinery, and adopt continuous work or multi head work mode to ensure high-speed production; PLC control is adopted to integrate the separated equipment, functions and information into the interrelated, unified and coordinated system through the structured integrated wiring system such as setting up fire separation belt and computer network technology, so as to fully share the resources and realize centralized, efficient and convenient management. In terms of manufacturing capacity, we should attach great importance to the universal capacity of the full-automatic packaging machinery and the whole packaging system, so that manufacturers can adjust their production capacity in time and strengthen the specialized and systematic production capacity

the packaging industry covers a wide range of fields and a wide variety of equipment. Therefore, when applying integrated technology, it is necessary to consider how to realize the low repeatability of communication test and information integration in automatic control, and how to realize it with simple hardware and software. At present, in order to get rid of the phenomenon of large quantity and low technical content, China's full-automatic packaging machinery industry encourages more and more enterprises to apply high-tech Mechatronics in full-automatic packaging machinery, including PLC control, HMI man-machine dialogue, servo control technology, etc. At the same time, a variety of new high value-added technologies have also been supported by enterprises, which has effectively promoted the establishment of a new integrated automatic packaging machinery system. In the commercial competition, the dialectical unity of Wumart and the low price of various structural materials such as metal, non-metal and composite materials is very appropriate to describe the full-automatic packaging machinery industry. Therefore, it is necessary to achieve the dialectical unity between reasonable packaging and simplified packaging

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