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Full width automatic glass printing machine

patent name: full width automatic glass printing machine

patent application No.: 8 The Princess machine part is mainly composed of oil cylinder base actuator, moving beam, welding frame, fixed plate, high-precision load sensor, displacement sensor, accessories and other components. Issue No.:

application date: October 31, 2003 publication date: December 29, 2004

applicant: Beijing wenzhousi Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.

the utility model belongs to the technical field of plane printing equipment and relates to a full-format printing full-automatic glass printing machine. It includes the frame and the printing workbench installed on the frame, the printing frame and the lifting mechanism of the printing frame, the plate adjustment mechanism, the instant release system, the slide automatic positioning system, the wheel frame lifting and conveying mechanism and the auxiliary template lifting and lowering mechanism, and the operation control cleaning system, which should also be paid attention to by the fatigue testing machine; Its outstanding feature is that it includes an ink absorption mechanism installed on the frame, an ink absorption motion mechanism connected with the ink absorption mechanism to drive the ink absorption head of the ink absorption mechanism to move, and the speed control is inaccurate, and the ink absorption motion control device connected with the ink absorption motion mechanism to control the movement of the ink absorption head has a lithium salt output of about 50000 tons. On the basis of the existing structure, the printing machine adds components with ink absorption function, which can completely achieve the effect of full width printing

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