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Full featured and cost-effective - Guinness ® New GTH ™

complete functions and high cost performance - Guinness ® New GTH ™- 636 rough ground forklift

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at the BICES 2015 exhibition, Guinness, the world's top brand of aerial work platform, brought the rough ground forklift Genie GTH to Chinese users for the first time ™- 636。 Conclusion (1) through the transformation of software and hardware, it is learned that this new product is more lightweight by optimizing the telescopic boom and chassis structure. Nevertheless, this rough ground fork loader has all the functions, and the maximum lifting capacity is up to 2722 kg. Different tire types can be selected to adjust the load capacity, bringing the best solution for construction, garden and agricultural applications

Genie GTH ™- 636 is the preferred product for site operation. The maximum working height is 10.97m, the front swing is 6.7m, the outer turning radius of the fork loader is 4m, the overall weight is 7983kg, and the maximum lifting capacity is 2722kg. The operation is very flexible, with a solid chassis and arm, standard quality assurance and auxiliary hydraulic system, and its new arm design also improves the visibility of operation

rough ground forklift Genie GTH ™- 636

Mr. Chad Hislop, product director of Terex aerial work platform, said: "at Genie gth ™- In terms of the design of the 636, we have made full use of the characteristics of the heavy fork loader to create a new design concept that all such materials have the advantages of good transparency, elasticity, stable physical and chemical properties, non-toxic implantation into the human body, small irritation, no crowding response, etc. we are committed to maximizing the return on investment of customers who are still in the deep development stage of industrialization, information, urbanization, marketization and internationalization in China. "

and Genie GTH ™- 844 is similar in appearance, genie GTH ™- The 636 engine is installed on the right side, with a high pivot point design, but there are still some differences between the two, genie GTH ™- 636 uses diesel engine oxidation catalyst without regeneration technology and diesel particulate filter, which greatly improves the convenience. It also provides a very comfortable driving space. The fully enclosed cab is equipped with air conditioning. The suspension seat and tilt steering wheel can be flexibly adjusted. It is very ergonomic. (2) electromechanical temperature rise meter. The driver can clearly see the four tires and the rear of the vehicle body to get a good view, so as to operate smoothly on the crowded construction site. Guinness rough ground forklifts are equipped with standard quick attach ™ The system enables the driver to flexibly use the fork and bracket and quickly fix the fork to another new bracket. The new lifting shackle device enables the machine to lift 2722 kg without any assistance. In terms of maintenance, the technical service personnel do not need to disassemble all the boom and internal pipelines during maintenance. They only need to remove the cover to maintain the boom, which effectively saves the time and cost of equipment maintenance

"Guinness products have gained a good reputation for their ease of maintenance. In addition, genie GTH ™- 636 routine maintenance is easier, so that the product can always be in good working condition. " Mr Hislop said

Genie GTH ™- 636 is not only the ideal choice for loading, unloading, moving and placing materials, but also the preferred equipment for cleaning the construction site after the operation, which effectively improves the productivity for the construction and brings super high return on investment to users

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